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The Lu Lake Spring "opening ceremony of the Chinese New Year good news

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Jinhu the old year, rabbit Spring. In the first days of the New Year of 2011, Jiangxi Xinyu Mining Limited's Parker Properties real estate projects ushered in the first day of the Chinese New Year opening. Despite the vast expanse of the cold and windy edge of Poyang Lake, the chill of early spring, VIP guests who can not hold the election room lofty enthusiasm. Not to the opening ceremony of the start-up time, the sales office inside and out already is a crowded, traveling hubbub of views.
Opening celebration of the music has not sounded, buyers customers in the sales office lobby foreseen has composed the scene of a wave of huge crowds of people: people everywhere standing room chat election before the election room sandbox in real estate, and his son, husband and wife, as well as families to opt for battle the election room together. According to the site reflects many buyers come here, eager to glimpse the foot of Lushan Mountain, the the Xingzi county highest grade boutique real estate from.
Parker, chairman of real estate, Mr. Wang Baishan in the the lion symbolizes luck Hongfu eyes, painted on the successful finishing touch after the opening ceremony officially began. Organizers orderly planning arrangements, has long been considered to raise the VIP customers, has row with orderly ranks, participate Yaohao election room procedures, rush to buy long been the favorite has long boutique real estate.
The opening ceremony, for the Lu Lake Spring "real estate projects opened a magnificent open year DMR. The following Jiangxi Park Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in June 2010 for the first time after the foundation stone laying ceremony of the real estate projects, organized the second grand and grand public events. The successful opening of the real estate, not only will the planetesimals people enhance the quality of life to a whole new level, and more clear to Parker Properties in Xingzi county successfully entered a gun and red. At the same time, and also for Xingzi County tourism, real estate development history, has written a magnificent masterpiece of a milestone.