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Class rare earth "concept focused their attention on the scarce resources

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In the supply of industrial raw materials even in the face of depleted background, rare earth effect seems to have made throughout the scarce resources sector to usher in investment opportunities. In A shares rare earth sector has experienced a surge in prices in 2010, fund managers began looking for the cheaper those valuations, the market is more neglect, and the subject matter is more abundant class of rare earth listed companies.
Eyeball economy of scarce resources
Rare earth, rare metal investment logic seems to organizations who wish to copy in the rare non-metallic areas.
Ringing under the banner of rare earth in the pattern of the current A-share market, regardless of individual investors or the fund managers are well aware of the value of the rare earth subject matter. But this understanding, but just one year, the reporter in March 2010, for the rare-earth topics conducted a dozen interviews, surprisingly, more than 10 fund managers interviewed uniformly that the rare earth will play an important role in the future investment opportunities, more fund managers seem to be more willing to talk about the opportunities in the field of nonferrous metal. Clearly, the rare earth in terms of fund managers in an interview, or a real investment, play the role of non-mainstream. "The logic of investment in a lot of people very easily mindset, perhaps as copper, gold, coal will be closer to some of a domestic fund companies who think so.
Rare metals, rare earth represented by investment logic is spreading, however, fund managers started the interview talking about the rare earth when the share price of the rare earth market pushed to a new high. Now, the fund manager obviously want to be able to capture a similar opportunity.
Complement each other with such demand is the emergence of graphene, When the graphene concept stock when detonated, who has this rare graphite nonmetallic minerals seems to be the same as who owns the future wealth. At the same time, brokerage firms, listed companies also seemed to actively conspire number of brokerage firms and collective point leading graphite mine China Baoan. Driven by this factor, the the China Baoan shares rose 23% in February of this year.
However, China Baoan has the graphite mine eventually prove to be inaccurate, and fund managers are likely to take a slight reduction of the China Baoan. The information disclosed in accordance with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, February 11, February 17 seller seats have appeared to institutional investors, China Baoan agencies together to sell more than 58 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that according to the report of the Fund for the fourth quarter of 2010, China Advantage Growth Fund holdings of China Baoan last year 200 million shares, and together hold China Baoan more than 50 million shares, Chinese Prime Picks, China returns Fund also held to varying degrees There are stock.
Although the the China Baoan graphite door "event in the listed company announcements prove downright Oolong. But which may imply an obvious investment logic - chasing rare deposit of listed companies, the graphite in which the play is likely to be the class rare earth "Quotes fuse.
Listed companies
By effects of the class of rare earth attract funds
In fact, a major cause of the fund managers began to layout the rare earth is to limit rare earth mining and export in 2010, and this investment logic apparently also apply to the rare non-metallic field of fluorite, refractory clay. In January 2010, the Chinese government published the notice of the General Office of the State Council to adopt comprehensive measures to control fluorite mining and production of refractory clay "announced refractory clay and fluorite mining, production and export regulation, and improve its Resource tax rate.
Institutions largely on the layout of the rare non-metallic fields or that the preferences of the currently popular on the market. "The Shenzhen one management resources fund managers that the layout of scarce resources scarce resources really having first concern strong strategic significance, such as industrial use, as well as its current reserves.
Obviously, the purpose of investment logic, rare earth, fluorite, refractory clay layout ideas is almost the same. Compared to belong to the rare earth metal areas, fluorite, refractory clay rare non-metallic or real "rare earth." Listed companies of the rare non-metallic graphite, diamond, fluorite, refractory clay, kaolin and other fields, the collective transaction since February of this year, the movements of the bodies may imply. It is worth mentioning that the layout of this area of ​​institutional investors timing was right in the fourth quarter of last year, while the wound is the rare metals prices come to an end. Some analysts believe that this may be institutional funds in some rare stocks pushed higher after these funds directly ahead of the layout of the rare non-metallic plate not speculation.
Shenzhen, a fund company insiders, including the strategic significance of the scarce resources of kaolin, refractory clay, and as much as the rare earth. Must be raw materials for chemical, paper, rubber, engineering machinery, medicine and other fields, including kaolin, and rare earth almost industrial MSG significance. "Which is likely to be the reasons for the interest of the fund managers of these" class of rare earth resources in Investors worry about the context of resource depletion, the "soil" of those obscure seems like gold light, the Fund vigorously layout also makes the underlying stock price rising in tandem.
The Huitianfu Growth Fund in the third quarter of last year over the same period to intervene refractory clay, kaolin fields listed companies and institutional investors Pu-resistant shares, Haeinsa shares. These two rare non-metallic 2011 appears to have become the hotspot of capital inflows, including refractory clay fields Pu-resistant shares rose by about 24% since February of this year, the last week, since the A-share market swings, but the stock rose more than 10% in the first three trading days last week.
Haeinsa shares with kaolin mine thunderous Division of in last year's third and fourth quarters, the fund company's holdings, which Universal Fund (microblogging) is the largest fund companies Haeinsa shares held. The fourth quarter 2010 report shows that private vitality Huitianfu Fund disclosed the private vitality Huitianfu Fund holdings of Haeinsa shares during the fourth quarter of 2010 more than 150 million shares, as of the end of 2010, the fund holds a total of more than 360 million shares Haeinsa shares, which also makes this kaolin listed company to become the largest holding of Huitianfu private vitality fund. Haeinsa shares since February of this year also rose by about 19%, the first three trading days last week, or 4.15%, far more than the broader market trend of the strong.
Star fund sword easy road lurking rare mineral
Barite, fluorite, diamond fund managers latent layout the scarcity varieties. Abnormal sharp Hongxing development trend has rich resources of barite, barite taking into account key materials for oil drilling and an integral part of the chemical industry, which may attract star fund company settled easily Fonda and GF Fund . Earlier the stock only Yifangda Value Growth Fund layout, but Red Star development so far in the second half of 2010 rose more than 199 percent, and to the third quarter of last year, the GF steady growth fund bought the stock of more than 800 million shares, to succeed Yifangda The fund will become the first Red Star Development tradable shareholders. This year Red Star Development shares rose more than 23% of high layout GF Stable Fund is at least a positive return of 33%.
As optical glass and chemical raw materials, the restrictive mining of fluorite gradually fund managers concerned. The fluorite resources Juhua, Yili Energy recent interpretation of a wave of skyrocketing prices. Juhua shares rose more than 60 percent since February of this year; Yili Energy rose slightly inferior, but with other industry sector, compared to the market trend, is still outstanding. Since February of this year by virtue of the strong fluorite concept rose by about 30%.
Fund managers clearly benefited from the strong market for fluorite stocks. Juhua disclosed 2010 report shows that, as the representative of a number of fund companies to China, Hua, Chinese businessmen to buy the stock in the fourth quarter of last year, Hua's China Baoli, Huaan in the small cap, Huaan dynamic three funds together to buy The into Juhuagufen more than 1,500 shares. In addition, China Bonus Fund over the same period also buy the stock of about 400 million shares last year's star fund manager Jian-Bo Sun Management Chinese business flourishing growth funds are also the layout of the 398 million shares of Juhua.
Chaodong shares in last year's intervention, star fund Chinese market may also be related scarce resources, alternative investments, which may point to the source of the potential value of the listed companies - attapulgite. As a solar heat storage material, it is widely used in solar energy, iron and steel, electronics, chemicals and other important industries. The consistent investment stock clueless at Yawei intervention Chaodong shares might be able to suggest that the subject of some special value Chaodong shares name without a revolution in the cement industry in fact has been the lack of attention of mainstream institutions, in addition to Yawei management Chinese market funds, few other fund managers are concerned about the shares, the Chinese market fund as of the end of the third quarter of last year, holdings Chaodong shares to 134 million shares. Nest east of shares is clearly on the investment income is more successful in the Yawei continue to overweight the stock shares of Chaodong since September 30 last year, its shares still rose sharply to over 60%.
The scarcity of diamond deposits make the manufacture of synthetic diamond listed companies has been favored by fund managers. GEM Henan diamond disclosed in the 2010 Annual Report, China, Fonda fund companies have the layout of the stock, of which the funds together Cathaysian Yu diamond of approximately 100 million shares held, star fund manager Jianbo also buy the fourth quarter of last year, Yu diamond More than 80 million shares.
It is worth mentioning that the agency focus scarce resources may also be able to facilitate the implementation of the Industrial capital, some listed companies eye effect Stories in manufacturing also for the fund managers. The CIMIC last year announced that the its and the the Guangfeng government signed a "the talc comprehensive development and utilization of project cooperation letter of intent", the two sides plan to invest $ 100 million to develop Guangfeng black talc mineral resources. Smick said, due to the black talc processing products with good insulation, heat resistance, adsorption, lubrication properties, can be used in paint, paper, plastic and other areas, the project will also project company in the comprehensive utilization of black talc mine deep processing of products to create some economic benefits. Fund fourth quarter 2010 report shows that the involvement of the Unit in the sea participating fund holds the CIMIC about 184 million shares in sea dividend funds, the double surplus funds of the soundness of the day governance in the fourth quarter of last year.