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Jiangxi ceramic industry development history summarized

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Before and after 2002, belongs to the state-owned enterprises have in bankruptcy and restructuring, enterprise mechanism to get a larger reform, enterprises started to enter a new world of development, many companies continue 04,05 difficult groping summed up the experience, and the rapid development and growth. Especially after 2007, Jiangxi building ceramics production per year has been a tremendous rise, according to the data show that in 2007, Jiangxi building ceramics production is less than 100 million square meters, while in 2008, the production capacity to more than 160 million square meters, production reached more than 120 million square meters in the first half of 2009.
According to a person in charge of the Gao'an Ceramic Industry Association, with commissioning new production and some production line expansion, ceramic production will be of Jiangxi Province, the whole year is expected to exceed 300 million square meters. High security, Jingdezhen, Fengcheng, Pingxiang, Jiangxi as the main body to form a unique four ceramic production base: construction ceramics industry base in China (high-security), fine ceramics production base (Fengcheng), daily ceramics production base ( Jingdezhen), industrial ceramic production base (Pingxiang). Experts predict that in the next 3 to 5 years time, Jiangxi ceramic production capacity will reach 8 to 10 million square meters, Jiangxi will be the country's most important new ceramic industrial base. Jiangxi ceramic industry how to produce such a large leap in the few years between?
Jiangxi Ceramics Industrial Distribution presents poly scattered
2007, Jiangxi ceramic industry is mainly concentrated in the high security, Jingdezhen, 2007, with the transfer of the ceramics industry in Guangdong and the coastal cities, the new source, the new Pearl, CIMIC, Nobel, Dongpeng, beautiful, gold Italian pottery, Oceano, Leroy, a number of outstanding enterprises stationed in Jiangxi, led to a number of small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises settled in Jiangxi, Jiangxi Ceramics industry has been a large increase, not only the production showing a multiple of the incremental, and enterprise The distribution also by the development of the two places in the past to spring up all over the scene. According to statistics, at present 7 cities and 12 counties in Jiangxi distribution of ceramic enterprises, employing up to as much as hundreds of thousands of people, and gave birth to the development of a large number of related industries.
This reporter has learned, the Jiangxi Province of ceramic enterprises 83 143 put into the production line, and nearly 30 in the construction of the production line, enterprises are mainly distributed in the high-security (put into the production line there are 85, under construction, there are 24), in Fengcheng (10), Jingdezhen (19), Pingxiang (5), Jiujiang (5), Shangrao (7), (4), Yifeng (5), Dongxiang (2) , Ganzhou (a), the production of products covered by polished tiles, antique tiles, exterior wall tiles, wall tiles, crystal tiles, glazed tiles, waist, feet lines type. [PAGE]
90% of the products sold in rural markets
Jiangxi ceramic production enterprise products 90% belong to the low-end products, mainly sold to Jiangxi and neighboring regions of the vast rural market. Jiangxi ceramic, low-grade products, in order to enter a market in the short term is clearly unrealistic, but Heaven must be a way, the rural and market development in recent years, it opens another a window.
Analysis of the industry, the rural market has not geographical significance, and represent a spending power and hierarchy, this force should not be underestimated. Rural market demand for ceramic products showing a trend of skyrocketing year after year, Jiangxi ceramic enterprises due to the middle and low positioning of the product, it is precisely to seize the rural market, a huge market cake appeared in short supply, so sales of the product, the product quickly radiated to Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the rural market.
According to Jiangxi new scene Ceramics Co., Ltd., a sales and marketing staff in recent years, with the construction of a new socialist countryside continue to deepen and the central three rural policy level to promote rural economic and cultural fields are made rapid development. The data show that the urbanization of rural China is only completed about 20%, still 80% of the rural areas is about to become the object of urbanization. It can be predicted that in the future development of Chinese society, rural urbanization will create a huge demand for building materials, especially in the low end of the building and sanitary ceramics, will usher in a new wave of development of the peak. Jiangxi ceramic production enterprise is 90% sold in rural markets, such as crystal slabs, tiles, bleed polished tiles and other products are very popular in the rural market.
According to statistics, the products produced by the ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi radiation to Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Henan and other places, the majority of three or four markets, not only increasing the demand for the product, and sales The network is also bigger and deep, bigger fine. This is not only the ceramic enterprises have increased their efforts to the development and construction of the town market, increasingly large towns dealer team. According to Jiangxi Xin Ding Ceramics Co., Ltd., a sales staff, ceramic enterprises to occupy the capital city to compete on, but now the rural market has attracted more and more companies do not have to spend much renovation costs, ceramics enterprises in a township to set up a sales showroom. Some townships dealers spend 4,5 million enterprise brand agent dealer can do, well, then, can sell hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of results for year. [PAGE]
The foreign companies also focus on urban markets
Stationed in East China, Foshan, Fujian and other places a number of outstanding ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi in 2007, followed by a construction period of the year in 2009 gradually put into the market. Among these enterprises, there are a considerable number of enterprises are targeting in three or four markets.
According to the person in charge of Foshan, a production base in Jiangxi high An Jianli enterprise, the surface and ceramic industries and the transfer of East China, Foshan and Fujian and other areas because of environmental protection, energy conservation, as well as labor, raw materials and other cost factors, but the future development direction of view, the deeper reason is that: the quality pottery business transfer industry, in order to strengthen the existing ability of independent innovation, and business management, and to strengthen the national regional market penetration and control and provide strong conditions for further market expansion and integration.
According to Reporters learned that the new source, the new Pearl, Octavia, Putin and other enterprises for the characteristics of Jiangxi and neighboring markets, the timely introduction of keeping up with the town market demand for the product, praised by market consumers, these enterprises step will talent, service channel sinking big fine town market.
Ceramic enterprises to survive in good condition
In the face of fierce competition in the market, Jiangxi ceramic made in recent years, a large development overall healthy development, mainly in the following aspects:
1, product types, each with its own characteristics. A few years ago, the lack of strong judgments on the market, leading some companies to follow suit. Which companies products sell well, the rush to produce similar products, leading to the market is getting smaller and smaller, bigger and less profit. A few years ago, companies have flocked product line on the outside wall, Siva, leading to the final product backlog markdowns to them on a profound lesson. In recent years, with the increase of enterprises, some companies began to go their own personalized roads, such as the Sun Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi stick to high-end antique brick route, the product not only for rich colors, and technical innovation, making the "sun" brand antique brick become the the antique tiles benchmark of the central region. Jiangxi Oriental Prince Ceramics Co., Ltd. adhere to a small brick (300 × 300mm small tiles), small bricks to make a big market. Jiangxi the Taurus Ceramics Co., Ltd. adhere to the development and innovation within the wall from the beginning of the creation of enterprises, more than a dozen provinces and cities in the central region makes the product sales, leading the trend of the development of the central region within the wall.
2, the management has improved continuously. Ceramic industry, industrial restructuring and the transfer of industries in 2007, making the country a number of outstanding enterprises stationed in Jiangxi. Some local enterprises continue to learn from foreign enterprises management model, the formation of a more practical method and experience in its own management experience, continues to boost enterprise product upgrading and updating.
3 sales channels grew deep. Ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi main market in the town, the main battlefield for corporate sales, many companies spare no effort to market development, channel construction in some places even extends to every township.
Exports are increasing. Following the the new scene Ceramics Co., Ltd. of Jiangxi and Jiang Ciro Canal Ceramics Co., Ltd. products are exported to the United States, Jiangxi sun ceramic products are exported to Italy, to achieve the dream of Jiangxi tiles sold in ceramic power, and at the same time due to the rapid development of the producing areas of Jiangxi also attracted the eyes of many foreign businessmen, that some overseas procurement Chamber of Commerce often flew to ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi high security, Fengcheng, Jingdezhen signing. This not only increases the amount of exports, as well as expanded Jiangxi ceramic influence on the international market. [PAGE]
Integration of resources to win in the future
Jiangxi ceramic occupy a higher position in the urban market, but the future direction of development of the enterprise and production areas, the grade of the product structure and product to form a reasonable pyramid structure, Jiangxi the ceramic enterprises do not have these . In the face of the future development, Jiangxi ceramic enterprises are facing some shortcomings:
1, the overall enterprise planning capability is not strong;
2, the lack of a good show;
Efforts to put into international trade is not enough;
4, technological innovation capability is not enough.
The face of future competition, Jiangxi ceramic enterprises only constant conversion ideas and talent that building, strengthen technological innovation and integration of resources, and a number of universities and colleges as well as outstanding enterprises in the same industry, in order to achieve lasting development.