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Xinyu City Overview large survey of ceramic raw materials

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Xinyu City in Jiangxi Province in the middle of territory bears more than 30 kinds of ceramic resources, kaolin, wollastonite, diopside, magnesian soil, potassium clay, these raw materials are mainly concentrated in Yushui and Fenyi County. Which, wollastonite and diopside, iron ore, marble reserves in the country occupy a certain position, the Wollastonite production ranks second in the country.
    1 Yushui
    According to the Geological Survey of Jiangxi Province, Yushui rich in 25 kinds of non-metallic minerals, wollastonite, quartz, marble, cement, limestone (limestone), coal, iron, and so on. Where coal reserves of 40.83 million tons, distributed in Europe in the next village, water north view of the nest, the water sector, and other towns of iron reserves of 159.08 million tons, located in Liangshan, community water and watch the nest, and other towns limestone reserves of 57.36 million tons, distributed in and the next village, Europe, Hu Shan and watch the nest and other towns industrial reserves of 8.97 million cubic meters of marble, located in Hu Shan, and the two townships.
    Xinyu City Yushui diopside resources is also very rich, and high quality ore reserves of 800 million tons. Diopside is a new type of ceramic material, because of its unique low-temperature, fast-burning, high energy-saving effect is widely used in the ceramic industry in recent years, accounting formula ratio up to 20%. Diopside mainly in and Township exploration and development, mining and processing enterprises have more than 30. According to the reporter, diopside stone divided into the diopside soft and hard diopside, its price is not the same soft diopside stone ex-factory price of 50 to 60 yuan / ton, while the price of hard diopside than soft quality diopside expensive 10 yuan / ton.
    Wollastonite reserves in Xinyu City, the country's second Yushui and rural territory only proven reserves of 56 million tons, because the township wollastonite reserves, good quality, professional mining, and the formation of local economic pillar industries, known as the "wollastonite township. In Xinyu City, wollastonite production enterprises large and small, about 200 or so, the scale of production of these enterprises in different product grades are different. 70% wollastonite producers Yushui in Xinyu City, the area is rich in siliceous quarry developed a large number of high-quality wollastonite.
    Wollastonite is a calcium metasilicate mineral, with a wide range of applications in all types of ceramic industry, it can not only make the ceramic blank, can also use for ceramic glaze materials used are ceramic enterprises one of the raw materials. Yushui produced wollastonite products with high whiteness, coarse crystals, good quality, large reserves, favored by the ceramic enterprises. The products are not only popular in Jiangxi Province and East China, but also exported to the main producing areas of Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian and other ceramics. In recent years, with the ceramic enterprises are increasingly stringent requirements for raw materials, wollastonite producers continue to introduce new production equipment and technology, continue to expand the scale of production, strengthening production management, improve product quality and grade to create good conditions. According to the reporter, before processing enterprises produce more needle-like powder grade (40 mesh to 200 mesh) and ordinary powder level (325 to 400 mesh) wollastonite products, companies can according to the customer's requirements, the production of ultra-fine powder grade (800 mesh to 50 mesh) products. Due to the quality and grade of the products has been greatly improved, there are now many companies products are sold every day a steady stream, such as Vietnam, Thailand and other overseas markets, and a good product by the customer.
    2, Fenyi
    Fenyi bears limestone, clay, quartz, granite, kaolin and potassium-rich clay ceramic resources. Fenyi mining kaolin quality is the the Jiangxi best, mainly distributed in Fenyi County should town Luo Jiashan area. In addition, in the Yuan River south of Big Gang Shan source, Tai Hang, Metallurgical $ 3 village territory, north of the Yuan River Yangqiao Zhen and other places have found and mined. County quality kaolin reserves of 200 million tons. The limestone is mainly distributed in the north along the Yuan River area, large reserves. Has been proven limestone reserves of 962 million cubic meters of county. Its main distribution the Fenyi town, Lake Daze Town, hole Village, Gao Lan Township, which swamps Town limestone, associated with calcite. Quartz stone (quartz powder) is mainly distributed in the four townships south of Yuan River, the preliminary investigation reserves of 300 million tons. In addition, in Fenyi bentonite, also known as "Pak Nai, a gray-white juvenile soil rich in calcium, in Fenyi many have developed.
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the ceramic enterprises in Jiangxi Province, the clay resources development is becoming more and more fine. Introduced, according to the Gaoan a ceramic enterprises procurement staff, Wanzai in fenyi near several hilly areas, bears the clay with a potassium content of 8%. , After the early development have been several ceramic enterprises reflect better whiteness of up to 75 or more.
    In summary, the While Xinyu region implies the rich resources of the ceramic, but in the actual development and sales process, not yet perfected and mature, these enterprises exist in operations and sales in the following two questions:
    An extensive business. Reporters in the township, and saw some of the raw materials plus workshops everywhere, but more than the management of the family, or a husband and wife combination, or brothers, partners, or father and son business humble and processing enterprises are small-scale, site simple equipment, 80% of companies are doing simple grinding processing, low technical content, and even many companies during the process of wollastonite, no iron removal process. High security, a ceramic enterprises procurement official told reporters, the same 325 mesh product, if after iron removal process after the selling price of the product can be increased by 5 to 8 yuan / ton. Extensive business philosophy, which greatly affect the quality and taste of the products.
    2, the lack of professional sales team. Reporter the interview process, the reporter found that many of the raw materials and processing enterprises are not fixed sales staff. A raw material processing enterprises official told reporters that 90 percent of enterprises are small-scale production, production of small enterprises, low profits, normal cooperation and a ceramic enterprises, ranging from hundreds of tons of products per month, more than a thousand tons of products, and the production of wollastonite processing enterprises also one thousand tons or so, there is no need for dedicated sales staff. So what exactly is the sale are who? Reporters found that most of these processing enterprises sales regardless of the things, transferred to middlemen in doing, and that they make a low processing fees. According to the reporter, the granular wollastonite ore price in the 80 to 100 yuan / ton, after smashing processing, the ex-factory price of the product also 120 to 150 yuan per ton, while the the middlemen can do 200 to 300 yuan / ton , the middle of a large part of the profits is to allow middlemen took. This case, the processing enterprises have their own views, the main factor is the small-scale enterprise itself, the funds are not strong, because now a lot of ceramic enterprises in the settlement of raw materials, the time dragged on a long, some even three months. These processing enterprises in order to be able to operate enterprises, can only be sold at low prices.