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Some companies will advance to stop the kiln holidays

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Previous the 2009 blowout sales market, who would not think of, high safety and ceramics industry in 2010 ushered in the development of the worst in the history of the year. In April, the product of the number of ceramic enterprises began large-scale inventory July, after more than three months of torment, a large area of ​​the price war began and discontinued production of the "tragic" situation. Vulgar language: "Seven dead eight live nine stand up", this is a true portrayal of the ceramic industry in previous years sales season, but in September 2010, did not show signs of "emancipated", part of the enterprise's production line, especially tiles production line, many of them quietly "lying" on the production floor, and not far from the product filled the warehouse, even packed the corporate factory blank aisle. High security one worked 20 years ceramics business enterprise the boss reluctantly said, this is the most difficult year for the high safety ceramic industry!
The annual sales target fail inventory crisis is imminent
What are the reasons, resulting in high security ceramic enterprises have been a rare sight?
The overly optimistic ceramic manufacturers of Chinese ceramics market trends in 2010 is the "culprit". Remember that in May of this year, I interviewed the chairman of Sun Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hu Yiheng for the ceramic industry appears irrational trend of the phenomenon and investment motives, he said, the current stage (capacity sharp growth) in the ceramics industry, investment (especially homogenization of small-scale investment) can not hold the mentality to make quick money, to have to do business, the long-term development of the preparation, otherwise the risk. Sure, With the rapid increase of the capacity of the high security, and the surrounding areas as well as an increasingly serious product homogeneity, just the past three months, the pressure on the stock of high security ceramic enterprises increases day by day. Reporters in August, has done a detailed statistics, as of the end of August, discontinued the production line of high-Ann and the surrounding area (limited to Jiangxi Province) reached 23, covering mainly the interior wall tiles, exterior wall tiles, crystal tiles, Western The production line of glazed tiles, polished tiles and other products. Blind optimism cause the product to a large area of ​​the backlog, led enterprises to develop full-year sales target could not be completed. Ceramic enterprises According to reporter preliminary statistics, high security, and the surrounding area for nearly 70% of companies said it could not complete the full-year sales target set at the beginning of the year, and 90% said it could not complete the full year profit targets booked.
"Seven dead eight live nine stand up" is a true portrayal of the ceramic industry sales market over the years, but as of November, high security, nearly 70% of the enterprise inventory pressure no less, which is not only a test of the company's sales greatly more The test of the company's cash flow. The inventory pressure like a time bomb could explode at any time, and constantly invaded to various links from supporting to production to sales.
Contrast to the beginning of optimism, the high security ceramic industry a year's sales transcript exposed the inside of Disease in real market is not as good as originally thought wonderful. In August this year, the reporter visited the high security surrounding provinces of the building materials market, and the living conditions of the local ceramic enterprises, trying to find some answers. Learned in the province of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other building materials market, due to the adjustment of the policy of the State "room control", the market for low-end ceramic products demand growth decline than in previous years, and because of Hubei Dangyang Artemisia spring, Yueyang, Hunan and other places in the last year, the construction of more than 20 production lines, a large number of product released into the province's priority market, greatly weakened the output range of ceramic products in Jiangxi. Serious homogenization, leading to price war intensified. The cruel market far beyond the rosy all the way "scene in 2009, the residual short of the market to a lot full of fiery passion boss opened a big joke.
The monetary tightening inventory towering severe test of the viability of the enterprise
Inventory in a substantial increase in our production and operation has caused tremendous pressure. "Recently, high safety ceramic enterprises boss told reporters a large inverted grievances. According to the owner, said, constantly increasing inventory, now even stacked products have become a problem, part of the company started the construction of the second phase of plant construction, used to serve as a temporary warehouse. If the stock quantity of 2 times or 3 times the monthly sales, capital chain will be problems. General, ceramic enterprise product inventory cycle to normal in 30 days 45 days 45 days 60 days requires a period of adjustment, while more than 60 days, the manufacturers will face the danger of collapse. According to Reporters statistics, enterprises in the high security ceramic producing areas, product inventory cycle over 60 days no less than 10 the outstanding one interior wall tiles, exterior wall tiles and Siva products. Gao'an SME Credit Guarantee Center, a responsible person, due to many new ceramic project contracting and construction in the first half, the country's four major banks are lending to the the high security ceramic enterprises is not a small amount of the loan, but with the ceramic enterprises continued six months off-season as well as slow capital turnover, leading banks and credit institutions to tighten lending efforts ceramic enterprises, and some even cut lending ceramic enterprises. The official also told reporters that the ceramic enterprises are facing liquidity problems, in addition to bank lending "Wujin" part of the cash flow difficulties enterprises begin to "reach out" to private capital. Private capital to be able to solve the business of temporary difficulties, but the high interest rates also made of ceramic enterprises immersive abyss.
Oversupply of some enterprises will advance to stop the kiln holiday
As also Xiao He also lost, the situation of the ceramic enterprises to the edge of a cliff, apparently ceramic enterprises.
In early 2010, the Chinese ceramic industry continues the popular trend of 2009, many companies of high annual sales volume is expected to not only develop a sales target increase significantly even have enclosure increased line expansion expansion. Reporters rough estimate, Jiangxi Province, ceramic production line in 2010 compared with 2009 growth of more than 50% of the new production line over 30.
This situation is not accidental? In fact, ceramic enterprise inventory backlog problem has long been placed in the desktop. In recent years, new ceramic industrial base emerging: building ceramics industry Hebeigaoyi, Shenyang Faku, Jianping, Liaoning, Shanxi Yangquan region have formed a certain scale, at the same time, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan ceramic products in total and has not significantly reduced. Information, building ceramic tiles production of 50 billion square meters in 2007, to reach 5.5 billion square meters in 2008 exceeded 6.8 billion square meters in 2009, this year will exceed seven billion square meters. Domestic annual demand is about 40 million square meters, which means capacity serious overcapacity. As the world's exports of ceramic products superpower, also has been changing in recent years, the foreign trade situation. According to Yin Hong, deputy secretary general of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, 2008, China's sanitary ceramics products exported 56.32 million, an increase of only 1.9%. Exported 53.77 million in 2009, a decrease of 4.5%, while the decline in export volume, export value of decline, the average unit price of export products dropped significantly phenomenon. Ceramic export situation has shown signs of fatigue.
Jiangxi new scene Ceramics Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Guoguang told reporters, "capacity goals and sales goals are developed by the manufacturer based on 2009 sales transcript, but 2009 is a special year, because there are a lot of policy support. 2010 after years of favorable policies have been fully released, the market is bound to decline. "brought about by the high sales target is high production scheduling, while the latter form a great contrast with the real market situation, a huge amount of inventory.
Even more critical is the "domino" fallen still kept. Although the medium and long term, Chinese ceramics market, there is huge room for growth, but the second half of 2010 in terms of demand triggered by favorable policies overdraft will the ceramic overall market demand continued to weaken. In addition, industry experts said, the current trend, sales in the second half of 2010 will be less than the first half of the year, therefore, the second half of the great pressure on the stock. If the inventory of some companies in November for the release of a certain amount of, a lot of businesses will appear in December to stop the kiln holidays.
Cut into the inevitable competition with the reshuffle will be staged fierce
Certainly, the first to sit still in the face of enormous pressure enterprises. Reporter visited the market learned, many enterprises began after the August launch of a preferential price, in order to promote the sales of products. But most tile dealers that the price war is not the solution to the problem lies, a company set off a price war is bound to have a lot of follow the trend of enterprises, the same products, transparent pricing, in fact, we went back to the same starting line, does not mean much .
However, the cuts may be the only way to defuse the crisis. If you do not cut, not only the existence of the business pressure, ceramics dealer will also face difficulties. In addition, the face of a weak market, not only the ceramic enterprises face the torment, those who have already broke ground on the enterprise now also faced with the situation of "riding a tiger" adverse market conditions, greatly splintered enthusiasm they had factories, many in built enterprises have slowed the progress of the construction.
Faced with the grim situation, corporate insiders tell reporters that they have actually hope that winter can be more violent, as will eliminate a large part of the business, the disorderly development situation of farewell industry, ultimately benefit the benign development of the industry. However, most do not have full confidence in enterprises, has not in the mood to talk about the industry reshuffle.
Grim situation, such as a thick layer of fog enveloped the sky in the ceramic industry. The ceramic industry for high security status quo, the sun ceramics, chairman Hu Yiheng price war, the production capacity of rapid growth or repetitive construction, seemingly bad, in fact it is through increased competition and muster some enterprises to enhance, if not the process, industry enhancing the overall will stagnate. It should be said the high security ceramic industry the past two years have made a good development. But mature, but also requires a process. Industrial scale high security, but a mature industry is not only reflected in the manufacturing level, its R & D capabilities, market quality, are the industry mature key indicators. In addition, the mature producing areas, it should in the domestic and international markets have a certain position in the market. An individual enterprises and government is also working hard, and expect to have a higher increase and better development.
Perhaps the competition and shuffle two important cornerstone for the future development of the ceramic industry in high security, you must solve.