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The potential stock Favorite - Dehua porcelain

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2010 Spring Auction of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy described as thriving, has made brilliant achievements. And by its extrusion, porcelain either market share or high-priced ranking slipped further, only short-listed 713 seats in the spring of 2010, 100 Chinese Arts Desire transaction price. Charge and the reason, the key lies in the types of single porcelain auction in the past few years, and always around the Yuan and Ming blue and white, pastels, Kangxi different generations, enamel and porcelain kilns spin, the lack of a new growth point. Looking for a new fulcrum has become the trend of the future development of the porcelain market. Opened less than two years, the Chinese art auction history, we find that the mainstream has always been a porcelain kiln, the kilns often even supporting role is not really, at most, is Dangdang cutscene "extras". Do kilns in boutique? Of course not. Kiln, have been selected as a tribute porcelain kilns porcelain palace porcelain on display in the National Palace Museum, which went Dehua porcelain is most prominent.
    (Dehua porcelain current price is still far did not reach its proper value, within three to five years, the the Dehua porcelain market price certainly there will be a big leap, even on the billion dollar level works appear ten million yuan master of arts and crafts in Fujian Province, Fujian Province the Collectors Association executive director, Dehua ancient ceramics collector Chen Mingliang said.)
Main export Dehua porcelain, not for domestic collectors are familiar with, but in foreign countries, especially in Europe, Dehua porcelain as early as in the 17th and eighth century for its fine texture and lifelike sculptures by European nobility of favorite and has been passed down as a family collection. On special heavyweight Chinese art auction organized by Christie's, Sotheby's, almost every time Dehua porcelain appeared, and led to China, Japan, South Korea, Britain, France and the Southeast Asian buyers competing bidders. They see huge potential Dehua porcelain collectible value.
First, the raw material of Dehua porcelain is very rare. Each artwork (painting excluded), good or bad and rarity of the material largely determine its artistic level and the value of the collection. High purity, Dai Yun Mountains rich vitreous china clay Dehua porcelain white, opaque main reason, and thousands of years of continuous development has made increasingly rare quality porcelain clay. Today, the Dehua porcelain raw eleven kaolin stock in recent years has been to reduce the prices are rising. A few years ago the price of ordinary kaolin only 300-500 yuan / ton, has risen to 2,000 yuan / ton. And of Dehua Cisu required quality kaolin prices are more than that. According to Master Su Qinghe: "good kaolin need to add recipes, some minerals needed to various places to buy, prices are naturally higher, the best materials, one ton should be 3,000 yuan a."
Secondly, the process of Dehua porcelain is very unique. The process has been one of the key points decided the porcelain the future appreciation of space. The Dehua porcelain since ancient times, "as thin as paper, fine as silk Run jade, such as the sound of Iwaki, bright as a mirror," said. The local craftsmen sculptures and porcelain art combined creatively to produce the world's top figure Cisu. Among the mostly Buddhist figures, such as Guanyin, the Dharma, the Tathagata Maitreya, Lohan and the like, as well as folk beliefs gods Figure Fudezhengshen Wenchang, Guandi, etc., in addition to Li Bai and other historical figures. Or sitting or standing, or lying, the form of different, but are all vivid, lifelike. Especially the "porcelain holy Chaozong by the Buddha sculptures, not only as a whole, local and even hand-foot-proportion coordinated, accurate, skeletal skin proportioned and generous, but also to simplify show character, to clothing CRISTARIA reasonable level and depth of change gestures of static and dynamic shape and internal artistically, is widely recognized as the white porcelain treasures, many museums are eager to collect. In addition, Dehua kiln or rare in the center of the ancient Chinese porcelain mark potter name of kilns. Seal printed on Cisu on general artistic carving is very fine, deep strokes, the rules specification, yin and yang, the text of the chapter, gourd-shaped male, style, compared to the works of the Ming and Qing seal-carver favorably is another reflection of of Dehua Cisu artistic charm.
    The past two years Dehua porcelain collection on the market performance has fully proved its worth: blue and white porcelain of Dehua wreck salvage self "Tek", November 2001 public auction in Stuttgart, Germany, with a total turnover of up to 22.4 million German Mark, unprecedented record in the history of the world auction record. December 2005 auction on Hai Bohai Ming Chenghua a Dehua kiln ears censer once again attracted the world's attention the high price of 1.87 million. 2006 spring auction in Shanghai Jinghua launched one end of the Qing the famous Xu Yunlin Dehua kiln riding a lion Guanyin, the trading price of $ 33 million; 2007 Sotheby's Hong Kong spring auctions on a white kiln Buddha Li Qing Dynasty Dehua like also sold for high prices of 960,000. The late guru Xu Xingtai crossing the sea Goddess of Mercy "in the same year, Shenzhen Fourth China Arts and Crafts Fair Marshal works special auction sold for $ 600,000, in 2009 on the" porcelain capital of China Dehua Kiln Ceramics famous writers Exhibition Chinese arts and crafts masters Su Qinghe "11" sit lotus Goddess of Mercy "They are 45 million. This year a 18th century the Dehua kiln GUANYIN like a record 784,000 good results on the the Beijing Huachen spring shoot. Product boutique Fair near Fuzhou, China Copyright (creative) in the just concluded special auction, one of Xu Xingtai lifetime masterpiece "crossing the sea Goddess of Mercy" is based on 2.6 million yuan hit a record high this year Dehua porcelain! In addition, in the collection of foreign markets, Dehua porcelain has been very active, a frequent visitor to Sotheby's and Christie's and often special auction of Chinese art will be virtuous porcelain debut, sought after by many, especially in Japan, Europe collectors even as it transitions to the auction house from around the world, as long as The Ming Dynasty the Dehua Cisu of an appearance high prices immediately 抢拍 the. The involvement of these international collectors undoubtedly Dehua porcelain price skyrocket.
But cool analysis, the Jingdezhen porcelain hundreds of billion of market, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties are classified as a royal tribute Dehua porcelain porcelain collectible value is still very large upside. Collectors in the collection on the market of Dehua porcelain awareness also is not high enough, the auction house identified Dehua porcelain is not professional, the many famous genuine cheap outflow. For example, this year, the China Guardian auction weekend once auction cowherd boy a Republican period Dehua porcelain carving, the transaction price is only 550 yuan. This provides a very good opportunity for junior investors If expert assistance of the Tibetan faithful likely to at low prices in the domestic and international auction house hopes of finding Dehua porcelain boutique, start positions accumulated. According to the statistics of the auction house, the annual increase of Dehua porcelain in twenty or thirty percent is definitely a rare potential shares.
Dehua porcelain current price is still far did not reach its proper value, within three to five years, the market price of Dehua porcelain certainly there will be a big leap, appeared the next million or even a billion dollars works. "arts and crafts masters in Fujian Province, Fujian Collectors Association executive director, collector of ancient ceramics in Dehua Chen Mingliang for the future of Dehua porcelain collection is full of self-confidence. Dehua porcelain, as the Favorite Rookie worth everyone's attention!
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A look Taizhi. The Dehua porcelain Taizhi delicate Caine cause, regardless of the Ming and Qing dynasties, regardless of the carcass thick, thin, thin wall foot thick wall transparent enough black tire thick opaque "effect can be achieved under the welcome light, as. But due to the china clay itself is artificial panning, then fine, under a magnifying glass to see the tiny particles. Modern washing machine grinding delicate porcelain clay, in powder form, so, if you encounter Taizhi too fine to be careful. In addition, Dehua Porcelains often glaze dry from the outside repair to the Fetus (full repair all off, half repair half off), and in the outer layer of glaze decoration, to pursue perfection glaze unity.
Second, look at the glaze. Ming Dynasty Dehua Kiln porcelain glaze water system unique milk white glaze, lard white "," ivory "string children red" glaze. To the beginning of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic, to solid ratio of raw materials change, the glaze in shimmering blue, but still smooth bright white. The modern imitation goods glaze Often butter yellow or beige, and the poor degree of moisture no Jade texture, easy to identify.
Third, look sculptural techniques. In the era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Dehua Cisu are molded, the mold is generally divided into three parts of the head, body and base, before and after each part is divided into two pieces, respectively, sculpture and then clamping grouting, thus burning into the Cisu are usually bottom hollow extruded porcelain clay adjusted its junction also left traces. Found inside hollow at the bottom of the seal level or seal level and then open holes must adopt modern grouting process forming the imitation goods. And because most ancient molding clay, can not reach modern fine plaster mold, you also need artists manually go sculptures details. Thus hand to flick the traces left inside the the Ming Dynasty Cisu regular session. After the Qing Dynasty porcelain can still see the tool pushed streak. Of course, imitation goods is also promising to cover up the grouting Scar, including leaving traces of painted mud, but the cause of fetal experience too thick, unlike the real medium thickness, within empty aptamer.
Four to see the seal. The Dehua Ming and Qing porcelain carving masters chop Hao a certain standard, and can be used as one of the basis of the pseudo-Kam. It must be noted: due to poor control of the temperature of ancient porcelain, porcelain body after firing often occur some deformation becomes obscure, a whole case of chop redundant and very clear, must also be treated with care.