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The giant appetites mine price not talk first stiff

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Vale, the Brazilian mining giant, is also a bridge of communication CMB trade. "CVRD invested in China's advertising, the famous Brazilian star Ronaldo lines ringing in our ears," bridge "was not paved in the iron ore negotiations.
    March 11, the message quoted informed sources as saying that the global mining giant Vale have been identified to the global implementation of spot pricing, rather than the agreed pricing model has been long. On the other hand, the Japanese media yesterday came the bad news: Vale is the proposed price increases by more than 90% of Japan's major steel companies.
    320 industry needs
    If the above is true, it may mean that CVRD in 2009 on the basis of the price of iron ore increased to above $ 100 a tonne, currently on the market, the latest spot price of iron ore per ton hovered above $ 130 . Of course, this is once again breaking the Vale as a breakthrough in the Chinese negotiators fantasy.
    In fact, during the negotiation of iron ore in 2010, relative to the two extension frequently "let it be" Vale has been very low-key.
    Vale dare suddenly high-profile, because it is well aware of the iron and steel industry in China and other countries, was convinced that this year's global demand for iron ore will increase significantly; the other hand, the Chinese factors, high on iron ore spot market Price gave its strong confidence. "Insiders said," Of course, Vale can snatch away market share lost in the financial crisis. Vale to expand the Carajas capacity is a good example. "According to Credit Suisse in January is expected to Carajas iron ore production capacity expanded Vale production capacity may rise by 24 percent to 313 million tons.
    It is worth noting that, with CVRD, BHP Billiton yesterday on continued market promotion spot price contract matters that spot market prices truly reflect market demand. But this has not been the response of the Japanese steel mills, Steel Association has been opposed to such trading patterns.
    China does not accept
    Analysts said this year's negotiations are likely to 2009 can not be reached results. Adjust the mode of development ideas under the guidance of China's large-scale steel enterprises are burdened with the responsibility of the national economy, particularly relatively peaceful and stable resources procurement environment. Almost certainly say, large-scale steel enterprises in China will not accept such a high rise price requirements even if accepted, downstream steel enterprises will not agree. "the insiders said.
    During the two sessions, steel enterprises have said that China "can not bear can not afford such a high iron ore price increases. Zhang Xiaogang, general manager of Anshan Iron and Steel believes that, in most of Europe, Japan, South Korea and the Chinese steel mills are losing money, but the iron ore industry is profiteering, this is not normal. "The iron ore price increase should be viewed from a third party point of view are relatively reasonable figure for the steel industry and ore industry."
    In addition, the Goldman Sachs investment group affiliated research institutions Goldman Sachs JBWere Pty research report published yesterday somewhat "moderate". The report said that, in the recovery of the global steel industry and demand driven, global iron ore supply of long-term agreement price will rise 60% or more.