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Seeking to establish a "long-term cooperative relationship with China

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Mining Group president, accepted an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter Albanese, CEO of the 22nd, Rio Tinto's primary task is to promote relations with China, and is committed to establish a "long-term" cooperative relations with China. Rio Tinto
"I always do this work." Albanese said, "China will become a growing part of the world economy, will become increasingly important markets in the world."
Albanese particularly stressed in the interview, Rio Tinto is committed to cooperation with China to establish a "long-term" relationship. Rio Tinto is concerned, the most important thing and the Chinese joint efforts to seek more opportunities for cooperation.
"Our business is long-term." Albanese example, Rio Tinto in a copper mine in the United States has been in operation for over a hundred years, the iron ore operations in Western Australia began in the 1960s.
He pointed out that over the past five years, the proportion of the Chinese market in the Rio Tinto operating income substantial growth reached 29% last year, the Chinese market will continue to grow, which makes the Rio Tinto growing awareness of the importance of the development of cooperative relations with China .
"On the other hand, we also see more opportunities for cooperation with the Chinese enterprises in the aluminum," Albanese said.
March 19, Rio Tinto and Chinalco announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly develop the Simandou iron ore in Guinea, West Africa. Albanese has said Simandou iron ore will be a major contributor to Rio Tinto's iron ore business growth. Rio Tinto plans to advance an annual capacity of 70 million tons.
According to reports, Chinalco and Rio Tinto just now signed a framework agreement is not binding. Under the agreement, Chinalco and Rio Tinto proportion of 47:53 of the establishment of the joint venture, the joint venture holds the Simandou project a 95% stake. Chinalco joint venture company will be staging injected a total of $ 1.35 billion of capital to get the equity.
"In the next few months, the team will make joint efforts of the two sides to reach a final agreement, and then conduct a feasibility study and demonstration." Albanese said, "We have developed a very aggressive schedule."
He believes that, for the two companies also want over the world operates, teamed up to make each other become more powerful, but also conducive to jointly cope with risks and challenges. "Mining is a long-term business involves a lot of work, such as engineering, construction, and evaluation of resources, I think that we can bring different skills each party Rio Tinto is very good around the world looking for the best of the ore body, but Simandou mine is located in remote areas, need infrastructure in aluminum can contribute to improve freight corridors and other infrastructure. "
Widely Albanese's visit to China as a "repair trip. Albanese has not only participated in the three-day China Development Forum 2010 ", 22 with other corporate executives also met with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.
Albanese said in an interview before the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court on the 22nd of the first trial of Rio Tinto Stern Hu case, Rio Tinto had repeatedly said that Albanese inconvenient to do during court hearings on the matter Any statement.
When asked what he thought the current environment in China, Albanese said, mutual cooperation, leveraging each other, in order to achieve a win-win situation. "Sometimes it needs a little more mature, more some consensus and good judgment." Investment