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Training from management

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Depth carried out in 2010, this year is full of opportunities and challenges, Jiangxi Xinyu Mining Co., Ltd. has ushered in the development process of a historical period: get involved in the real estate industry, of planetesimals deep processing plant to expand production capacity, research and development of new products, are harbingers full Chaoyang enterprise blueprint as the national "12th Five-Year Plan, carefully written satisfactory full stop, and move towards a new era of development.
The saint I said, Governing a large country is like cooking a small fish. Man Mao Zedong said, the rule is the official governance. The designer of the reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping said, management is service. The training master Xu Guangqi says chaos of a business first started from the chaos of the management.
The development of modern enterprise, without exception, will experience from experience to system management stage, stage three of the process until the culture. Do not know their own development to the stage, and also do not know their own way how to get; does not know what management can not make correct judgments and decisions of their own management behavior.
Autumn in October, under the instructions of the chairman, the company's headquarters, administrative personnel department grassroots frontline units, each work unit in the various branches of the company, organized a large-scale enterprise management theory knowledge training - to the People's Liberation Army school management hierarchy management model training of tour exchange seminars.
Company administrative personnel department manager Zheng peak, personally carry a laptop computer and projector instrument depth Xinyu's various mines each production unit, through lectures discuss the form of penetrating, Yu situation on the rationale to explain the essence of modern management theory and want justice: management of course of development, how to understand the meaning of management, management practices which specific permissions management work analysis, what is the principle of operation between the departments, the direct supervisor and direct subordinates definition, management taboo, the classification of the inspection work and significance and so on and so on.
Through this training, many living in first-line managers in training seminars and summary reporting, are frank about their own training experience and their own experience, such as multiple management shortcomings own work I do not know to listen to which superiors good for Disobeying instructions subordinates do not know how to start management, management personnel do not know what work permissions and how to carry out the business work, how to perform the work incentives of employees, the reasons for the poor performance at lower levels, and Solutions , and so the list goes on ...
Through this training exchanges, discussions, many living in first-line management enlightened, they gained a lot, and suggested that the company would often organize related types of training and exchange lectures to improve their level of awareness and management of highly, to better serve The company's services, to set a good example for employees.
To work through this training, training for the company's next step to lay a good foundation, while initially reached for managers and administrators work easier, more efficient, more meaningful training purposes.