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"Tangshan Earthquake" viewing activities feelings

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In order to reflect the company's corporate culture, showing the humane care of the company, so that employees can relax after work. In early August, the organization in Nanchang office staff, in Nanchang Wanda Cinema to watch the movie "Tangshan Earthquake" activities.
"Tangshan Earthquake" tells the story of a "23 seconds, 32 years," the family tragedy of the story: In the early morning of July 28, 1976, a 7:08-magnitude earthquake, in a time of 23 seconds, the Tangshan city razed to the ground. A young mother in the ruins of the earthquake, in the face of two biological children, can only choose to save a desperate, reluctantly chose to sacrifice her sister and save his younger brother. Because of the painful choice to change the fate of the entire family, the survivors into a shock after 32 years of emotional distress.
Although this movie is just over two hours, gave moviegoers employees brought shock and a spiritual baptism, people gain a deeper understanding of the deep suffering and painful memories of the disaster to bring . This suffering not only the role of the body, imprinted in the soul.
By viewing people feel more hope and light in the aftermath of a disaster, the courage and determination of the face life, death, pain and helplessness is even more clear to the happy life of the hard-won, and know better how to cherish and Thanksgiving the true meaning of life!