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Workers named in recognition of the General Assembly documentary

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There is such a group of people, they stick to the night of the first line of the post;
Such a group of people, they are hard-working, wholeheartedly make offerings for the company;
There is such a group of people, they watered with their own wisdom and sweat in the workplace, the bear numerous fruits of labor ...
This group of people, that is, Jiangxi Xinyu Mining, in the Bo real estate company 2011 annual "May Day" labor model.
April 30, 2011, Delicate thin clouds, wind is cool. Wang Baishan, chairman personally led the the Jiangxi Xinyu Mining, senior real estate in Bo, 37 model workers and a seat staff to Xingzi County Hongxiang Glaze Co., Ltd. held the Jiangxi Xinyu Mining, Parker Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the year 2011 "May "model workers named in recognition of the General Assembly."
The meeting site, all beaming, gathered Kumi met colleagues from separated over the jobs come together, happily communicate with each other's work. Speak after the official start of the meeting, by the payment of the total as Moderator of the 51 model workers Assembly on the spirit of the meeting is intended to stimulate advanced employees, encourage backward officers. Subsequently total in the first half of the year 2011 by Bear Review and Outlook, said in Division I of Jing'an mine, the Wuning mine, Xingzi processing plants, the Changbei processing plants, Yichun Yashan Development Department and Bo Property Company emerged a group of excellent management and staff. Their work in the forefront of the company's first line of production, in the development and growth of the company made a huge contribution, a remarkable achievement. With these outstanding employees dedication, only the achievements of the company today.
Recognition of the General Assembly in a harmonious, relaxed atmosphere. All the leaders in the next time period, respectively delivered a warm speech and speech, and wished to model workers have in the future work together with the company from top to bottom, the constant pursuit of first-class performance, creating a first-class environment, first-class benefits, end their harmonious bright new tomorrow.
The next model worker award stage. These lovely model workers who own a lot of sweat, the achievements of the company's development, personal values, company leaders and employees masses certainly. Letters erythrodermic model worker certificate a few lines of text, enough to summarize the efforts and achievements in their day-to-day work, Wang, chairman of the ceremony is to give the model workers have maximum performance of affirmation and spiritual rewards!
Meeting to its final stage, Wang, chairman of model workers are again expressed his thanks and took a photograph thank you model workers has been made outstanding contributions to the development of the company, and hope you will continue to carry forward the spirit of the event, led by colleagues around with Xin Yu, Bo sound and rapid development of the company to make new achievements, wish model workers are pleasant, good health and a happy family, May Day!