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The Jiujiang City Xingzi County deputies come to visit our company work

Release:2012-9-18 9:38:35  Hits:1453

May 11, 2012, Xingzi County, Jiujiang City NPC delegation came to visit our company to guide the work. County Government Magistrate Wang Honglei, Ouyang Qin hi, deputy director of the county People's Congress Chairman Li Zemei participated in the inspection activities.

   Wang Honglei magistrate pointed out, my company "people-oriented, effective first, unity and loyalty, the pursuit of excellence" enterprise culture concept is correct, is encouraging, we should vigorously promote the "integrity, professionalism, excellence, innovation," the spirit of enterprise, soenterprise development on a new level.
Ouyang Qin hi, director of the county people's congress and delegates that the study tour short time, but the content is rich, a prominent theme, to broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, learn a good experience, learned a lot. Have expressed Mining Company Limited hung one hundred million corporate culture spirit to learn, learning the style of work of enterprises, enhance the sense of responsibility, dedication, well the vanguard of economic construction, personally, to make their own planetesimals rapid economic development and comprehensive social progress contribution.
   Wang Magistrate and you deputies and inspire our morale, inspire our spirit, so that we are more conscious of who are charged with the responsibility and the burden of our development is inseparable from the strong support of all sectors of Jiujiang City help, let us work together to create a new chapter of hung one hundred million!