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The Laboratory Technician 2

Requirements: for more than 26 years old, male or female, college education, chemical analysis of professional ore laboratory work experience preferred;


Second, a Senior Copywriter

Female is preferred,25-35-year-old, college or higher education (school entrance examination), public relations, journalism, Chinese, tourism, English, management, professional, real estate copywriting experience in more than three years, able to complete the pre-, mid-, post-, and large-scale events text organization.


Mining Deputy General Manager a

College education, more than 28 years old, and many years of experience in business management, familiar with the production process, there is a strong sense of quality and cost consciousness familiar 6S scene management, there is a good level of communication.


Fourth, a graphic designer

Proficient in the use of tools such as photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CAD software;


2 there is a certain understanding of the real estate industry, able to complete the basic print ads, posters, promotional materials and design;


3 with the advertising industry resource accumulation;


Strong creative ability to execute active thinking;


General Manager's Office Director a

Requirements: male or female, college education, 30 years of age, the image of temperament, computer proficiency, writing skills and drinker.


Sixth, a lab supervisor

Male or female, 50 years old, college educated, skilled analysis of kaolin, potassium and sodium feldspar eight elements, research and development of new formulations, the management level of computer proficiency.


, Accounting a

Male or female, college, the accounting profession, the primary accounting titles, more than three years manufacturing experience in corporate accounting.


Eight, a sales manager

Male or female, high school education, often go out to explore the market.


IX fireman a

Men a fireman card.


10, purchase two

Male, 50 years of age, have experience in procurement.